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Darwin Week

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If any of our readers or contributors are taking part in Darwin Week activities, I’d like to invite them to announce those activities here. The International Darwin Day Foundation lists the better part of 100 activities here, most but not all between February 9 and 12. But if anyone has any pet activities to publicize, please go at it in the comments.

I will start: One of my colleagues tells me that the Iowa City event on February 11 and 12 will feature two talks by Frans de Waal, one technical, and one general. The general talk is entitled “Morality before Religion: Empathy, Reciprocity and Fairness in our Fellow Primates.” You may find the entire schedule and location at the link directly above.

The Secular Students and Skeptics Society at the University of Colorado is sponsoring a weeklong event, February 7-11. On Wednesday, February 9, I will discuss my contention that our sense of morality is an evolved trait; by a not entirely surprising coincidence, de Waal’s work figures into my talk. The no doubt sassy students will also show the movie “Creation” on Monday, February 7, followed by a discussion led by philosophy professor Carol Cleland. Again, you may find the entire schedule and locations at the link.

All I have so far. I invite anyone else who wants to publicize a specific event to do so in the comments.

Update, January 26: Please see below the fold for an update by Michael Zimmerman of the Huffington Post.

… but now the decision is up to you, our readers.

nova_JudgeJones_1678_7_sm.jpgNOVA has released a Press Release outlining the exciting new program. For more information visit NOVA Judgement Day Companion site or the Pressrooms at or The show will air on November 13, 2007 at 8pm ET/PT on PBS.

Check your local listings and spread the news

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