Searching in posts

There is currently no search capability at this site. But there is a way to do this:

Using Google:  If you have keywords, such as "Ark Park" and want to search for them, but restrict the results to ones at this site, use Google and put into the search field: Ark Park

and this will return results only from posts at this site. Using the date of any post, you can then find it in the Archives listings.

Finding older comments

You may notice that there seem to be no comments before March, 2016 on any post, even those that are years older than that. Panda's Thumb started in 2004, using Movable Type blog software. There were many comments on the posts.

In 2016 the Movable Type platform had become difficult to use, and it was decided to port the site to Github Pages and to use Disqus for the comments. It was difficult to move the old comments to Disqus, so they were not moved. This gives the appearance that no one responded to the posts.

But there is hope. The old comments were archived, and we have them. We need to go through the process of reformatting them in a form appropriate for Disqus and putting them into the comments there. We hope to do so over the coming year.

How to see some of the old comments

Panda's Thumb is archived at the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive at To see this archived material you can go to

which is a snapshot of the site as of November 26, 2016. The "Archives" link there will carry you to lists of posts by month. There are comments on the posts, but not all of them. The comments at Movable Type were organized in pages. For some unknown reason, the Wayback Machine does not archive all pages of comments, only the first page and the last page for each post. Nevertheless this should give you some idea of the discussion.

If you want to make a comment on an old post, do it at our present site -- you cannot add comments to the Wayback Machine archived version.