Breaking News: Ontogenetic Depth 2.0!

After recognizing the onset of Paul Nelson Day (link via John Lynch), Nelson has announced that he is going to … wait for it … invent Ontogenetic Depth 2.0!

Of the first version Nelson says

Ontogenetic Depth (OD) 1.0 was – well, it would be beyond charitable to say utterly inadequate.

Yes, we knew that six years ago, Paul.

Now, however, after never telling us just what version 1.0 actually was, Nelson is developing version 2.0. First, though, we have to suffer through a prequel and then (not yet posted) an answer to PZ’s criticism of OD 1.0 way back in 2004. We don’t yet know how much more vamping Nelson will do: My bet is that the fan dance will go on for days. So when version 2.0 will be unveiled is hard to say.