Brian Poindexter’s “The Horse’s Mouth”

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There are certain resources out there known to those of us who keep tabs on the antievolution movement, day in, day out, that deserve a wider readership. Brian Poindexter's The Horse's Mouth is one of these. Brian has collected in this two-page PDF a number of quotations from leading antievolution figures where they explicitly invoke God and religious purposes as their reason for doing what they do. The PDF format means that it makes a great way to print off a number of these as needed for taking along to school board meetings, public comment periods, and the like.

Here's the introductory paragraph and first example from Brian's file.

Intelligent Design (ID) proponents deny any hidden creationist agendas, but rather claim they are only trying to promote good solid science in our public schools. To clear up any confusion over this matter, let's hear about it straight from the mouths of those leading the Intelligent Design movement.

"We are taking an intuition most people have [the belief in God] and making it a scientific and academic enterprise. We are removing the most important cultural roadblock to accepting the role of God as creator."

- Phillip Johnson quoted, Enlisting Science to Find the Fingerprints of a Creator, The LA Times, 3/25/2001.

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This is necessary reading from The Panda's Thumb. When Intelligent Design creationists try to tell you that their ideas are based on science and aren't religiously motivated at all, Read More

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Once more into the whatever - what’s the deal here? Creationist pervert degenerates? Yowser! Who’s in charge this weekend?

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