Light work for a Sunday morning


You just know Reed is going to slam you with some math, and Wilkins is going to blast you with some philosophy, and Tim is going to lose you in constitutional law, and the rest of the gang here are going to challenge your before you have to sit down and think, take a moment to breeze through some easy, light stuff.

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  • Lots of us science nerds like the Sci-Fi, right? I've posted a review of Stephen Baxter's Evolution. Great title. Good book. It's a mixed review and I can tell it's not going to be for everyone, but I can say that at least the science in it is mostly right.


I don’t blast people with philosophy - I gently introduce them to broader concepts that will improve their world, make them stronger, more attractive, and better in bed.

Yeah, right—philosophers are always using that line on me.

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