Daltonian Theory Abandoned!

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Russell Durbin reports exciting new developments in the war on materialistic so-called "science":Inspired by the bold initiative of the conservative Christian magazine, World, to exorcise the demon of Darwinism from the soul of biology (here), we at WHIRLED have rolled up our sleeves and taken on atomic theory, the atheistic core of chemistry and physics. Read it all here on TalkReason.

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Of course... from Preposterous Universe on April 2, 2004 4:41 PM

Just so we don't get too uppity, keep in mind that the subject matter of the previous two posts might be completely discredited within a few years, due to the ceaseless efforts of the supernatural movement. Read More


Reminds me of this story from the Onion:

COGDELL, GA—The Cogdell School Board banned the teaching of the controversial “Theory Of Math” in its schools Monday. “We are simply not confident of this mysterious process by which numbers turn, as if by magic, into other numbers,” board member Gus Reese said. “Those mathematicians are free to believe 3 times 4 equals 12, but that dun [sic] give them the right to force it on our children.” Under the new ruling, all math textbooks will carry a disclaimer noting that math is only one of many valid theories of number-manipulation.

There really are some creationists who don’t like atomic theory as it currently stands. Check out the site Common Sense Science.

Oh dearie me… That website that Seth linked to is something else. I especially like the young guy:

His 1996 paper “A physical Model for Atoms and Nuclei” is the first to provide a realistic picture of the physical structure of atoms.

Of course, 1996 was the year he graduated from high school. Since then he has been studying physics at Cal Tech and Harvard. Of course, it may be taking him 7+ years to get a BS because his paper:

…explains why the Periodic Table of Elements has exactly seven rows and certain “magic numbers”

Of course, they may not give you a degree at one of those institutions if you have a bad case of pareidolia.

Some very entertaining titles to their papers. I particularly liked Overview of the Electrodynamics Approach to God’s Creation and Daily Sustaining of the Universe. Just so this post isn’t entirely off topic, they have a presentation (for $15US) titled Creation vs Evolution: Worldviews in Conflict.

And those folks tie themselves directly to the Intelligent Design movement:

Atomism is incompatible with Judeo-Christian and Muslim principles because atomism views matter as independent of God, either because it exists from eternity and denies creation by an Intelligent Designer, or because its motions and events are independent of control by a Sovereign Being.


Could it be these guys are having us on?

Don’t bet on it.

Remember, evolution is an idea that began to become central to European thinking in the 18th century - though it appears repeatedly before then. Creationists want to reject, virtually, all of thought since 1780.

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