Mooney vs. Marburger


There was a question in one of the comments about any responses to Marburger's reply to the Union of Concerned Scientist's report on the corruption of science policy under Bush. The answer is yes; I've said a few words about it, but the best reply is to be found on Chris Mooney's site. His summary:

In my view, there are serious problems both with Marburger's strategy for rebutting the barrage of scientific charges against the administration, and with his specific rebuttal itself. Granted, Marburger scores a couple of points against the administration's critics. But these are really glancing blows. For the most part, the UCS document still stands relatively intact.

Really, though, this is one where you need to read the details.


Off topic,[…]r-clues.html

There needs to be some posting about xenobiology and the implications of recent discoveries on Mars which indicate the possibility of open saltwater.

Thanks!! That’s really helpful.

OT: On my own blog post about project Steve (after reading this) I am asking for recommendations of compelling science writing for non-scientists to add to my own list of favorites. Anyone with favorites come by and share!

Ah, there’s a recommended article from The Guardian. Things are becoming clear. I understand now why I was called “inaccurate” in the last Mooney thread but nobody was willing to tell me why. I knew this was a left-leaning board, but didn’t realize how much. Sorry for thinking I could learn something here.

In case you don’t understand my reaction, let’s just say, yes, the Guardian is THAT bad.

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