Squid Hox genes


It's April, it's Minnesota, and it's snowing here. On days like this, my thoughts turn to spicy, garlicky delicacies and warm, sunny days on a lovely tropical reef—it's a squiddy day, in otherwords, and I've got a double-dose of squidblogging on this Friday afternoon, with one article on the vampire squid, Vampyroteuthis infernalis, and this one, on squid evolution and cephalopod Hox genes.

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Please explain how it all started. I’d genuinely like to know.

How all what started?

You know.….….*it*.……

Don’t be so obtuse.

Oh. It. Of course. If I’d known he was looking for porn…

I really don’t want to think about a porn site called “The Panda’s Thumb”. I really don’t.……

I wonder if anyone is willing to write an article for this blog on Hox genes and how different patterns of expression correlate with different features.

Like how snakes lack a front-limb Hox zone that mice and chickens have.

Or arthropod limb homologies, like how spiders walk with limbs that insects feed with.

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