Still No Free Lunch from Bill Dembski!


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Port’s and Dembski’s Brazos Barbecue offers delicacies ranging from homey chopped beef sandwiches to high-scale (and super-sized) large rib plates. No functional intermediate forms between dishes have so far been identified, raising questions on whether ordinary food processing can accomplish these culinary transitions. In keeping with the dictates of the No Free Lunch theorems, no items on the menu are gratis, though all seem actually quite affordable. In the spirit of peer-review, we regrettably note the absence of “sides” information on their web site, which might lead customers to false positive menu inferences [1].

A review of noted food critic D. Wolpert declares Dembski’s hearthy entrees far more substantial than his mathematical abstractions, though ultimately still “smothered in BBQ sauce”. Other critics are however far more enthusiastic: “A towering genius: Bill Dembski is the Chef Boyardee of the Smoking Pit!” hails R. Koons. “A rare achievement…” chimes in M. Behe. “Well-done, Bill!” says A. Plantinga, with characteristic understatement.

The entire Panda’s Thumb crew wishes Bill Dembski and his partner the best of luck in this new enterprise, which we earnestly hope will eventually develop into a full-time job for the erstwhile Isaac Newton of Information Theory. The only thing that puzzles us is that the web site lists Dembski as a “silent partner”. Since to our knowledge no one has yet succeeded in shutting up Dembski, we gather that he must be busy chewing. Now, that‘s a good sign!

[1] W.A. Dembski, The Design Inference, 1998, p. 144.

Acknowledgements Thanks to Glenn Morton, Matt Brauer, Mark Perakh and Russel Durbin for mostly not-so-serious suggestions.


UMMM I like eaten ribs, and broken femurs, and tibias, and …[…]rd/deer2.jpg

UUUoh they got sauce too… Ummm

Still chuckling.

“silent partner: Bill Dembski” if only…

A man of many parts, Bill. With lots of experience in slinging bull. This venture sounds like a teleologically ideal situation.

More seriously, is the sauce any good? We non-Texans expect a report ASAP.

Dr. Dembski and Co., are duty bound to serve the real stuff this time!

WHOIS sez:

Registrant: ISCID Suite 1800 PRINCETON, NJ 08542 US


Administrative Contact: Sparacio, Micah Suite 1800 PRINCETON, NJ 08542 US 609-924-4424 Fax: 609-924-0582

Technical Contact: - -, Domain Registrations –

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC. Record last updated on 04-Jun-2003. Record expires on 04-Jun-2007. Record created on 04-Jun-2003.

Hmmm… maybe it is legit.

Emma: I am quite sure it is legit. And there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, anyone here from the Houston/Waco area, please go check it out and let us know!

“Houston/Waco area” seems like a large area considering they are about 300 miles apart (although in Texas it may be a congressional district).

I’m still waiting for the Explanatory Filtered Coffee and the Evolutionist’s BBQ Chicken (lizard, since them scientists can’t tell the difference between a bird and a reptile.)

“Houston/Waco area” seems like a large area considering they are about 300 miles apart (although in Texas it may be a congressional district). Hey, I thought Texans would drive much farther than that for good BBQ!!

[I actually meant Riesel/Waco, I don’t know why I wrote Houston]

Perhaps Bill’s next books (from Brazos Press) would be “Darwinists Get Skewered in Riesel,Tx” and “The No Free Lunch Principle in Practice: Satisfied Customers Eat Up Barbecued Materialists at Reasonable Prices in Riesel, Tx:”.

For sure, the author of the webpage, which was done in Microsoft Word format is

William A. Dembski and the Company is FTE

  William A. Dembski
  William A. Dembski
  <o:Author>William A. Dembski</o:Author>
  <o:LastAuthor>William A. Dembski</o:LastAuthor>

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