No cubs, but pandas get A for effort


A little news about our namesake:

National Zoo officials said Sunday they do not believe there will be a pregnant panda this year at the animal park.

“It looks as though Tian Tian and Mei Xiang did not breed this year,” said assistant Curator Lisa Stevens. According to zoo officials, the pair had tried to mate several times since Friday.

“Tian Tian gets an ‘A’ for effort, but I have to say he gets an ‘F’ for technical merit,” said Stevens. “He did not make the connection we were all hoping for.”

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Evidence suggests that pandas are not the party animals zookeepers would hope for. The panda priorities list is (1) bamboo shoots (2) bamboo shoots … (573) bamboo shoots (574) nap (575) bamboo shoots .……

There’s a reason they’re almost extinct.

Hey Reed, you left out some options on that quiz:

  • Charismatic megafauna.
  • Define “bear”.
  • Basal Ursidae.
  • Scientific consensus long favored grouping Ailuropoda with Ailurus and Procyon, but recent molecular and morphological work now favors placing Ailuropoda as an early branch of Ursidae.
  • Let me go check the mtDNA at the NCBI website.
  • African or European giant panda?
  • No really, cladistic or traditional classification? Splitter or lumper? Regardless, “panda” is clearly a polyphyletic term and should be dropped.
  • Neither. Giant pandas are their own created baramin/kind.

You are right, Nick, I should have written “giant pandas” instread of “pandas.”

However, latter this week I am going to post something up on panda evolution to go with the poll.

What? You got something against red pandas now too? You evilutionists…

Can’t the breeders give the pandas something like Viagra or an aphrodisiac?

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