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The Evolution Conference 2004 begins in little over a week (June 26th to be exact). This year it is being held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. This yearly conference is the biggest in the field of evolutionary biology. (Next to, of course, the secret meetings in the White House basement where we worship Darwin, push our conspiracy forward, and destroy all the evidence that disproves our religion.) The Evolution Conference is jointly sponsored by the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Society of Systematic Biologists, and The American Society of Naturalists.

This year’s schedule includes symposia on estimating clade ages, adaptation during ecological invasions, biological diversity, teaching evolution, sexual dimorphism, and evolution of plant phenotypes.

I will be attending, but not presenting anything. Will any of our readers be going as well? Next year’s conference is in Alaska, and I hope to present some of my research there.


Well I’m here at CSU. The conference is going fine. The most thought provoking talk I’ve seen so far was one on whether the K/T boundary actually has an extention event. The subject of the talk is in press right now with TREE. I will probably blog about it when it comes out.

Douglas Theobald and I are going to meet up tomorrow morning after his talk.

Well I just caught a talk by Susan Epperson of Epperson v Arkansas, the case in which SCOTUS eventually struck down evolution-banning laws. It was good, and I took notes to blog about it when I get back home.

Well I saw Douglas Theobald’s talk on protein domain phylogenies. It was very interesting.

Thanks, but it couldn’t have been nearly as good as hearing Joe Felsenstein, in cowboy hat and Las Vegas shades, sing a warped academic version of “My Way” entitled “Their Way”. (And he hit the notes, too.)

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