Tangled problems at the Tangled Bank

The Tangled Bank

This is a week for the Tangled Bank (which will be hosted at Johnny Logic's place) but we've had a bit of a glitch in the e-mail. Usually, we'd have you send submissions to host@tangledbank.net; however, all mail to that address is currently bouncing...someone tried to interfere with my site, I had to increase security on my server, and somehow in the process I broke the e-mail address. Sorry. I'll try to fix it this week.

Until it's fixed, though, if you have John Taylor's address, you can send those submissions directly to him; if you don't, send them to me at pzmyers@pharyngula.org and I'll send them along to the right place.

Due to this error, we may delay this week's entry a day or two. If you've had a submission bounce, send it again to me. If you forgot so far, but have some cool story relevant to natural history or medicine you'd like to share, send it to me right away.

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