Democrats on Education

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I just want to let y’all know that the Democratic Party has released their platform for the upcoming US elections. It contains this support for science education:

At a time when all good jobs increasingly depend on advanced skills, we will strengthen technical training for those who do not attend college. Finally, we must place a special emphasis on expanding achievement in math and science. These are subjects where America has always led the world and must continue to lead in the 21st century.

It looks like the GOP is going to ride NCLB as their education horse into the election. You can read the full text of the Democrats’ education platform on De Rerum Natura.

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As Reed Cartwright points out at The Panda's Thumb and De Rerum Natura, you can now take a look at the Democratic Party Platform. It's mostly good news. I mean, it's mostly platitudes, of course, with little in the way of really concrete... Read More

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*sigh* Looks like I’m voting democrat. Time to contact the embassy to get my absentee ballet. Lets hope that this platform isn’t just hot air. I see community service as part of high school a good idea too.

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