Happy birthday, Professor Mayr!


The eminent evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr – who is a member of NCSE – celebrated his 100th birthday on July 5. Writing in the July 2 issue of Science, he reflected on his eighty years of “watching the evolutionary scenery,” from his education in Germany through the development of the Modern Synthesis to the discoveries of molecular biology. “[E]volutionary biology is an endless frontier,” he concluded, “and there is still plenty to be discovered.”

The Panda’s Thumb is pleased to join its voice to the chorus of those around the world who have wished Professor Mayr a very happy birthday.

Note: Modified from NCSE’s release.


Mayr’s essay is available on-line here.

Where Ernst Mayr went wrong - AIG perspective

Excerpts from a Scientific American interview with Mayr are available here. The complete interview is available here (warning: 14-page PDF document).

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