Tangled Bank #8

The Tangled Bank

Tangled Bank #8 is online right now. Follow the links and read about biology!

I am also semi-online—I just got back home after screaming across the Montana mountains and the Dakota prairies with Calgary cowboys, Canadian mounties, and a few frustrated creationists in hot pursuit. I've got a pile of great stuff from the SDB conference (including some stuff from a fun evo-devo session) to dump out of a scribbled-upon notebook onto the web, but first...sleep. Lots of sleep.


PZ wrote:

but first…sleep. Lots of sleep.

Don’t go to sleep until you’ve sent a contribution to John Kerry. I haven’t been this psyched about an election since Eugene McCarthy. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO CONTRIBUTE BEFORE THE NOMINATION. Go to www.johnkerry.com and help save America!!

Hey PZ, Was Paul Nelson there?

Yes. We talked for about an hour and a half, I think.

I’ll be writing it up later, but I have two higher priorities right now: getting my brain back (the Fatigue Fairies are holding it for ransom right now), and getting at least a cursory summary of the really cool stuff from the meeting written up. Nelson was near the end of the meeting, and although he seems like a decent enough fellow, his poster really was unimpressive.

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