I’m working on a new installment of evomath. This one is going to be some simple examples of classical selection theory. I am probably going to post it on my blog because it is using features of a new version of Kwickcode that I haven’t setup on PT. I think I am going to wait until PT makes the switch to MT 3.1 before I install version 2 of my plugins here.

Now to encourage me to keep on track with my series, I want readers to make requests. Is there any particular part of evolutionary theory that you would like me to cover? Is there something you didn’t quite get from your days as an undergraduate that you want to see again? Etc.


Hi Reed,

I’m trying to learn Population Genetics. I’m an engineer, not a biologist.

Do you have titles on Population Genetics that you recommend? I have “Hartl’s Principles on Population Genetics”

Just for my own information. How many semester hours does an undergraduate or graduate take in Population Genetics? It seems to me that it’s only one or two classes. That is to say, most of the foundational parts are really the mathematical and conceptual portions (like calculus and genetics) and that these classes are really culmination of a lot of foundational studies.

Thanks, and good luck on your Doctoral program.


I never really learned from a textbook, but Hedrick’s Genetics of Populations (2nd ed) is a good start. Hartl and Clark’s Principles of Population Genetics (3rd ed) is also valuable.

In my undergrad program, which was revamped this year, half of introductory genetics was population genetics. Students would learn even more if they took undergrad evolution.

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Thank you. As you can from Pim’s post I’m an IDist, but I am interested in learning the subject matter. Thanks for helping me out.


———————- PS


Hey buddy, glad to see you reading my posts at ARN and still asserting I don’t understand. I’m flattered.


Of course I am reading your ARN postings. Your continued confusion about Darwinism and phylogeny never ceases to amaze me. It’s not just that I assert it, your own words show how you fail to comprehend why inheritance with variation will inevitably lead to a nested hierarchy and why the protein distance data is very well understood in such terms

You and Meyer give me hope…

AAAAAARGH! PT has been taken over by bots! Evil bots! Oh, and Happy New Year, while I´m at it.

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