More on the evolution of the whale ear


whale earLet's take a break from Dembski and talk about something more interesting: whale evolution. John Lynch has already mentioned this paper on how the evolution of whale hearing unfolds in fossil record, but it's fun stuff and I thought I'd discuss some of the data in a little more detail. In particular, I'm going to take a look at one figure of the structure of the ear to see how the changes occurred.

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This is really an excellent story.

Thanks for the info. It is so much easier to debunk Dembski.

Does the Nature paper show the pictures from the actual fossils? How much of the details are made out in these fossil artifacts? Do we have multiple fossil samples from these transition species?

1) Yes.

2) These are many complex internal details; they aren’t easily seen in 2D photographs.

3) Yes.


Are there internet links to that information. particularly 1 and 3. How do they get the details of the internals? Do they do MRI imagining or something to that effect?

incidently I’m not trying to be difficult. I just think it would be great to do a very detailed HTML page showing pictures, photographs or 3d imaging, and other such things about this topic. It would be sort of filling in all the questions that the creationists read off their talking points.

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