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Please raise your glasses in a toast to welcome the Panda's Thumb's newest patron, Jim Foley. For those who have observed or participated in the evolution/creationism debate online for any period of time, Jim needs no introduction. He is the author of the Fossil Hominids website in the TalkOrigins Archive, an incredibly thorough examination of the evidence for human evolution and equally thorough debunking of the creationist claims on the subject. Jim is a software engineer by training and, like any good Aussie, we expect him to more than hold his own at the PT drinking games. Welcome to the group, Jim.


Jim Foley

I salute you, and your typical modern hominid brain size which I estimate to be 1375 cm3.

I enjoyed your T.O. piece and look forward to your blogvile contributions. (For some reason my personal muse is on strike. Maybe I need more beer)!

Welcome to the zoo Jim.

DS Wrote:

Welcome to the zoo Jim.

Welcome to the Monkey House.

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