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Please welcome a new face at the bar of the Panda’s Thumb, Dr. Alan Gishlick. Gish, as we call him with equal parts irony and affection, is a vertebrate paleontologist and is currently the Post Doctoral Scholar of the National Center for Science Education in Oakland, CA. His research interests include functional transitions in evolution - particularly in the origin of avian flight, the reconstruction of soft anatomy in fossils, systematics, the teaching of the history of life, and the interface of science, art, and religion.

In the unlikely event that he imbibes a bit too much Burgess Ale (since two pints likely represents about 20% of his total body weight) and says unsavory things, please bear in mind that the views he expresses here are his own and are not necessarily shared by the NCSE, its employees, or its supporters. If you get Gish confused with Duane Gish of the Institute for Creation Research, just remember that our Gish is the one who does not look like a cro magnon.


Welcome, Gish! It looks as if you’ve chosen a very difficult field of study, at least according to the creationists who post here. I mean, it must be hard to study functional transitions in evolution when there is “no evidence” for such transitions. ;)

Charlie Wagner and Co. will be happy to tell you more about this problem, I’m sure, after your first post on the topic.

Duane Gish

Alan Gishlick

Cro Magno

Hmmm… Let’s compare Gishlick with…


Your choice Alan… ;-)

Awesome! I’m a big fan of your work, Dr. Gishlick (your contribution to the Ostrom Symposium was uber-cool).


Actually, if you want an uncanny likeness to (Duane) Gish, try the cover of Will Self’s book Great Apes - a combination of ape and human features that is spot on when it comes to everyones favorite anti-evolutionist. See the cover at Amazon and judge for yourself! I’ve used it in slides before :)

Self’s book, by the way, is worth a read.

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