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Oh, what a bad choice of words!

Phillip Johnson appeals to many people because of his socially conservative message that we are all going to hell in a handbasket because of the destruction of morals in society, and blames evolution for that.. (He could be right about the dewstination but evolution is not the cause of this.) Nobody in the general public really knows anthing about the (lack of) science, but many people are genuinely distressed at the way things are going and Johnson taps into that, creating a false dilemma. It should be made claer that good science is not connected with social liberals, conservatives or social any thing. Good science just “is.” The best way to defang Phillip Johnson is to avoid all suggestions that science has anything to say about social liberalism or conservatism.

Should we introduce the article writer to Miller’s _Finding Darwin’s God_?.

The article on page 36 of that issue, about the DI’s failure to get their desired changes, I think is pretty interesting. Too bad it’s not freely available. In Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana, the DI has failed. This is encouraging. Money doesn’t always beat science.

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