Uncommon Dissent II


In my previous discussions of William Dembski's anthology Uncommon Dissent I addressed Dembski's intruduction and the contribution from Robert Koons. I argued both contained numerous errors and misrepresentations, and neither provided anything worth considering seriously.

Those were very bad essays, but they provided nothing to raise the heartbeat of an experienced ID consumer like myself. They contained the normal level of preening, arrogance, and stupidity that I have come to expect from the ID's. It seemed a pity. I mean, not only are the ID's not producing anything new in the way of scientific arguments, but now it seems they have run out of underhanded rhetorical tricks as well.

Then I read the contribution by Edward Sisson. After about three pages I was longing for the wit and erudition of Koons and Dembski.

Over at EvolutionBlog I have posted four (!!) replies to various aspects of Sisson's essay.

Part one is available here.
Part two is available here.
Part three is available here.
Part four is available here.

I feel like these four posts barely scratch the surface of all that is wrong with Sisson's essay. Enjoy!


Wow. Great postings.

I find it fascinating how little scientific content ID really has to offer. The best they have to offer is appeal to what seems obvious. But then again, we all know how easily the human mind is fooled.

spell check correction: Sison should be Sison in the above text.

How very timely that our own local Dembski admirer just introduced the concept of asinus asinum fricat. Sounds like it might have been an apt title for this tome.

Sisson complains that mainstream science “boxes in” IDers with YECs. Surely he knows that they can avoid that accusation with just one essay refuting YEC among the myriad that misrepresent evolution.

Thanks, Jason - great series of posts. Should be required reading.

Dang it! Now I might have to buy the book just for the entertainment value.

Thanks for some fun reading.

Thanks for the kind words, Bob. It’s nice to know my efforts are appreciated.

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Why do pseudoscience promoters have such a need to cross-post?

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