Society for American Archaeology supports destruction of ancient skeletons

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I was extremely disappointed to see that the Society for American Archaeology has issued a statement supporting the amendment of NAGPRA which, if passed, would severely limit the ability of scientists to study ancient remains found on federal land. (More on this amendment below.) SAA says that they're just fine with the destruction of ancient skeletal remains, intended to appease American Indian creationists; they just oppose the way the amendment was introduced (rather quietly, and without substantial public comment). More on how you can help protect science at the Friends of America's Past.

Update: Thanks to inappropriate response, here is what the American Association of Physical Anthropologists has to say.

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Sad to relate, the Society for American Archeology, despite a spot of mewling about lack of consultation on the proposed... Read More


Guys, can you please make a catalogue of postings by topic?

Guys, can you please make a catalogue of postings by topic?

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