Dover School District Wades Into Troubled Waters


The long-awaited decision of the Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania regarding evolution and intelligent design has finally been released to the public (press release found here). It’s a policy that virtually guarantees legal action that the school district will lose. Let’s take a look at the statement. After noting that their biology classes will be using the Prentice-Hall textbook Biology as their primary textbook, they said:

The district also received as a donation 60 copies of Of Pandas and People and the book is now listed as a reference book in the curriculum. It is not a required text, but in an effort to present a balanced curriculum the book is made available to all students who wish to review the book.

The Biology curriculum was also updated to include the following statement:

“Students will be made aware of gaps/problems in Darwin’s Theory and of other theories of evolution including, but not limited to Intelligent Design. The Origins of Life is not taught.”

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All I can say is I’m glad my kids don’t live that school district.

We have troubling times ahead. Did anyone see this CBS poll? I’d say this country is in deep crap. At this rate by the middle of the century creationism will be taught in science class instead of evolution.

I can’t belive this is happening in a scattered places all over the country and I can’t believe the poll from “Was Darwin Wrong” and the CBS poll! What is this country coming to.…full of ignorant bible-thumping zealots. We’ve got to do something. I think the next war may be between rationality and dogma.


I feel sorry for superintendents and teachers who have to deal with this crap. It needs to be fought head on…

It seems the madness doesn’t just end with the teaching of evolution. Now we need to “correct” mathmatical theory so that it matches a direct biblical interpretation.[…]-for-pi.html

Just wondering when I should start worrying about falling off the edge of a flat earth?

Can I just ask: what the fxck is with these people??? Is it so hard to keep your trap shut for a couple hours while you do your frigging job?[…]p/index.html

An elementary school bus driver was fired after sharing a statistic she had read about embryonic stem cell research with students, then encouraging them to tell their parents about it.

Julianne Thompson, 42, told students in November that actor Mel Gibson had said in an article that embryonic stem cell research had not produced a single human cure in 23 years.

Some parents complained and school officials in the Buffalo suburb fired the driver.

But Thompson said there is nothing in her contract that prohibits her from expressing facts or opinions. She is considering legal action, saying officials have yet to explain why her comments were inappropriate.

“I learned that free speech is definitely not free,” Thompson said.

Actually, Julie, free speech is still free. What isn’t free is your right to deliver a lecture on Mel Gibson’s latest pop science pronouncements to the trapped audience of elementary school students on your bus.

You were fired because your behavior was erratic, to say the least, and some rational parents wondered what was coming next. Maybe the next time you’re behind the wheel, Julie, you’ll hear Mel’s voice telling you to swerve into the opposite lane.


And can I add: why in the world is CNN reporting this? Our so-called liberal media at “work” …

CNN just picked it up from AP. They have purchase blind filler articles all the time. Atleast CNN is better then Fox News

Guess what, Mell Gibson was correct. There is only an argument for the “potential” as there are no known cures from embryonic stem cells. See for yourself.

Never fear telling children the truth. It can be very educational.

Thanks Jan. I didn’t realize that Julie the Bus Driver was merely reciting the text relating to stem cells available on the NIH web site, in its entirety.

I assumed Julie the Bus Driver was selectively reciting Mel’s “facts” in an effort to persuade students and their parents that Julie’s belief in embryonic stem cell “souls” wasn’t the only reason that embryonic stem cell research should be banned.

But I get it now, Jan, thanks.

More later. I’m off to visit the nearby elementary school playground to deliver an important message about the existence of God.

Be sure to sign in at the office as a visitor. You will need to let the school officials know who you are, how long you will be visiting and which teacher will be supervising your visit. The bus driver, as I am sure you are aware, has been hired by the system. That means that he or she has had a back ground check. The courts will probably decide if the comment was reason for dismissal. It hardly seems likely that information available on the National Institute of Health website would be reason for dismissal.

Great White Wonder, I was just trying to be tacky with that ‘visitor’ comment. I know you were being facetious. I just get a little bent out of shape over some of the comments on this site.

I am wondering if “Creationism” will be taught as a class by itself or as part of the curriculum in a Superstitions and fantasy’s class? If this wasn’t so ludicrous I’d be frightened…but George did win the election didn’t he?.…..

This “wonderful” schoolboard has been doing such “wonderful” things like this for about the past 4 years. They think that they are above everything else and they can make decisions that are above the laws that this country has set.

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