Make your own disclaimer!

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Now you, too, can add a disclaimer to your science textbook! Amaze your friends!

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sticker mania from An Ergodic Walk on November 23, 2004 6:53 PM

This article was a little bit depressing. Then I saw these these stickers, which were somewhat amusing. They are in reference to the case in Cobb County, Georgia, where evolution disclaimers are being put on high school biology books. [Found... Read More


Too good. The T-shirt idea will be put to use.

my disclaimer:

This book contains material on evolution. Evolution is one of the coolest ideas of all time. Some people don’t believe in it, because they are retards. Such is life. Enjoy the book!

I’ve often thought what I would do if I taught in a school forced to have THE disclaimer. My solution (assuming I didn’t value my job) was to have the kids fill the book with disclaimers on atomic, gravitational, cell, germ theory et al. Having established a teachable moment, we would discuss what a theory is and how science works. I’m sure my successor would find the class had learned the lesson well.

Hilarious stuff.

In related news, CNNonline reports a victory for those child-spoiling secular humanists in the deep red south:[…]p/index.html

Also, Mr. Sandefur, maybe between bites of turkee tomorrow you can prepare some thoughtful commentary on recent developments in the Sklar case (I saw a mention of it today in the Bay Area legal rag, The Recorder):

NEW YORK, March 30 (JTA)

Paying taxes may be one of life’s great certainties … quot; but there’s a bit more wiggle room when it comes to tax deductions.

Michael Sklar, a California accountant and Orthodox father of six, will appear in a United States tax court in Los Angeles in October as he pursues a long legal struggle to claim the cost of his children’s religious education as a tax deduction.

Sklar notes that the IRS allows followers of the Church of Scientology to write off the cost of religious instruction, which many say violates the First Amendment establishment clause banning government support of a religion.

“We must force” the IRS “to treat everybody equally,” Sklar says. “To let the government do this for one religion is the worst possible scenario imaginable.”

This website contains material from a LIBERTARIAN. Because some people strongly believe that LIBERTARIANS are lunatics, the material should be approached with scorn, laughed at and totally dissregarded. Eat that censor boy!

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