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We at the Panda’s Thumb would like to develop an open submission policy to encourage guest contributions to our blog. We are currently looking at a two stage process. First abstracts are submitted and if accepted a full length post will follow. We are also looking into having a way for readers to alert us to news stories that we may have missed.

Now, the purpose of this post is to get feedback on this idea from the community. If you have any suggestions on how to structure the open submission policy, we’d like to hear from you in the comments.


Perhaps a link off to the side that will allow a person to enter the link, as well as a requirement for the same information that I had to enter to post this comment?

Why just the other day I saw a post on linking to an article describing a likely evolutionary path to the eye. The article was also specifically critical of the idea the eye could be “irreducibly complex”.

At that time I had wished for a mechanism to tell you guys about the article within the Pandasthumb site itself. Great idea!

I’m not sure how you guys should do this, but here’s a good candidate for an article:[…]/3964579.stm

(about the “Mini-man” discovery)

“ In theory, the existence of Mini-Man should destroy religion, but I can already hear the fanatics claiming that he has been put on earth by the Devil simply to test our faith.

Which brings up an even more intriguing question: does Mini-Man perform special burial rituals and does he therefore believe in an afterlife? “

David, Thanks for providing another link on Homo floresiensis. However the subject hasn’t been ignored:[…]/000582.html

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