Dover School Board Done to a Crispy Crunch


A searing op-ed in the York Dispatch by Paul Gross and Barbara Forrest leaves no doubt about what the Dover School Board has accomplished. Give it a read…


From Gross and Forrest’s article: “Winning this one might mean joy in Dover, but it won’t win the school board a place in any hall of fame.”

Sure it will, it’ll be in the same hall of fame that Dayton, Tennessee is in.

Thanks for the post, Wesley. Gross hits the mark perfectly.

What a great article. That’s the article that should have been in the SF Chronicle last week.

From the Gross & Forrest op-ed piece:

[intelligent design arguments] are also unnecessary to any reasonable form of religious belief, Christian or otherwise.

There’s the nub of the issue. What do you suppose are the chances we’ll come to any consensus on which forms of religious belief are “reasonable” any time in the next, say, five millennia or so?

Here’s my proposal: any claim about physical reality is out of bounds for religion.

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