Leave no child behind, TEACH EVOLUTION!

Like this bumper sticker? Want one?

Leave No Child Behind, Teach Evolution

They're now available from:

Michael W. Klymkowsky
Professor, MCD Biology
UC Boulder, UCB347
Boulder CO. 80309

They're $2.50 each (a bargain!) Make out the check to the "UC Boulder - Bioliteracy project". And even better, look at what the money supports: The Bioliteracy Project.

Our goal is to generate, test and distribute the tools to determine whether students are learning what teachers think they are teaching.

We assume that accurate and timely assessment of student knowledge will pressure the educational world toward more effective teaching.

Why? Because basic understanding of the biological sciences impacts our lives in more and more dramatic ways every year.

A wide range of important personal, social, economic and political decisions depend upon an accurate understanding of basic biology and the means by which science generates, tests and extends our knowledge.

A good cause, a strong statement, a classy sticker for your car…how can you go wrong?

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