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I have [URL =[…]tml#comments]blogged[/URL] an [URL =]article in Phi Beta Kappa[/URL], the online magazine of the Professional Association of Educators, on the true significance for education and society of the Wedge Strategy on my [URL =]Evolving Thoughts blog.[/URL]

The article, by educator Mark Terry, who works just down the road from the Disco, sorry, Discovery Institute, covers Huxley and religion and is a piece worth reading.


Good article. Two opposable digits up.

Excellent article. The truth is getting out. I am all in favor of ‘teaching the controversy’. What is ironic is that by insisting on teaching the controversy, ID is doomed by its lack of scientific relevance and its significant cost to theology and religion.

Mark Terry reminds me of those same biology teachers that inspired me to want to become a biology teacher (even though they all gave me the advice not to pursue this carreer). The article covers a lot of issues; well written.

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