The Return of Onyate Man


You can’t keep a good hominid down! Not even if he’s had his legs chewed off by an Allosaurus.

Check out the latest from :

Dinosaur Swallows Human? Posted by bibleland on Friday, December 24 @ 08:59:14 EST (1405 reads) Thank you for your patience and without further delay Bibleland Studios presents The Photos as promised of what appears to be a fossil of a Dinosaur Swallowing a Human. Do these photos provide the necessary evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted in our recent ancient past? From our latest poll many of you believe humans and dinosaurs did coexist. But just because we believe it does that make it so? Bibleland Studios is interested in objective; naked, pure unadulterated truth no matter where it leads. Do you believe as I do that the desire to know where we came from beats in the breast of everyman, woman and child? Did we come from an ape-like creature or a beautiful pair created in innocent splendor? Let’s find out.

How I acquired these photos …

Apparently, you have to subscribe to the Bibleland Studios website in order to get the “real” story. But, Panda’s Thumb readers can have the real scoop absolutely free!

Check out the original story, the cursory and detailed explanations, and even the Spanish translation!

Happy New Year, Dave Thomas


One evening in early December I picked up the latest copy of a certain Australian Creation Science newsletter and began thumbing through the pages. Suddenly without warning there they were! The Photos. “Could what I’m looking at be true?!” I phoned the publisher in Australia and asked him straight out, “Is this true? Are these photos real?” He assured me they were. Contacting the author, I got permission to publish them on our site for the entire world to see. So here they are for your consideration.

How the hell can an author of a Australian Creation Science newletter give permission to post NMSR pictures?

They curently have a poll on whether or not humans and dinosaurs coexisted - and it’s split at 50/50!

Reed A. Cartwright said

How the hell can an author of a Australian Creation Science newletter give permission to post NMSR pictures?

I think the photos were indeed published in an Aussie creationist newsletter. I’d love to get a copy. But, the BibleLand Studios guy, John Adolfi, saw the pics in the Aussie newsletter, and THEN contacted “us” at NMSR (Stefan, Denise, et. al.) after he’d gone up a level, and found that it was our 1999 NMSR prank.

That’s how I came to give permission to use the photo’s, not an Aussie creationist. But that Aussie creo might have a problem - he never asked “Stefan” !

Any blokes got a copy of the Australian rag in question? I’m curious who got burned this time. (Past singees include Kent Hovind himself.)

Cheers, Dave T.

Remember this one? :

Giant human skeleton found in Saudi Arabia

Let me see if I can post an image:

I see Bibleland studios have revealed the teaser already: Final Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax Embarrasses Creationists

Friends, sad to say, this fossil is not genuine…

Bibleland Studios has an announcement. Commencement of a worldwide hunt for artifacts substantiating the Biblical account of creation begins today. In the next few days we will be rolling out a plan to find our “missing links.” As we search out REAL artifacts substantiating creationism, my challenge to the Evolutionists is to continue to hunt for your “missing link(s)”. Let’s show who is right once and for all. I ask you, will finding a 500-foot 5,000-year-old ship atop a mountain do it? How about a real dinosaur swallowing a human fossil? What about a 4000-year-old 12-foot human skeleton with a calculator in his hand? Let’s get to work. I will need everyone’s help. Keep watch over the next few days for more details and may the best “truth” win.

Prepare for a (metaphorical) flood of bogus evidence.

This is only tangentally related, since someone Kent Hovind was mentioned above, but I just now found it and had to share:

Dinosaur Adventure Land’s kid’s art page featuring a picture of Dr Dino himself.

Oops, hit post instead of preview. One more drawing from that site…

Kent Hovind giving a lecture on living dinosaurs in Africa (at least that’s what it looks like, the writing at the bottom is too small.)

I think someone is messing with them, one of the pictures is addressed to “Dr. Hulk Hogan of Creationists”, although I suppose that’s as good of a title for Hovind as any.

jpf wrote:

I think someone is messing with them, one of the pictures is addressed to “Dr. Hulk Hogan of Creationists”, although I suppose that’s as good of a title for Hovind as any.

It’s not a misprint. Kent Hovind likes to bill himself as the “Hulk Hogan” of creationists.

I guess he wants creationism to be as believable and realistic as is professional wrestling.

Here’s an image from Hovind hisself:[…]s/208VHS.jpg

Cheers, Dave T.

From the other side of the world: scientists from Leeds University, Yorkshire, England, believe that evolution is happening before our very eyes on the Jurassic shale beaches of Yorkshire:[…]-snails.html

(‘Appen’ is an all purpose native Yorkshire prefix.)

Charles Darwin also posted out his first copies of ‘On the origin of Species’ from Yorkshire.

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