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Fresh Challenges in the Old Debate Over Evolution

David Jackson’s life straddles all the fault lines in the battle over the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Jackson is a professor of science education at the University of Georgia’s College of Education in Athens. He believes to his core that science has proved valid Charles Darwin’s theory of how life on Earth developed from a common ancestry and why life has such diversity.

About half the students he teaches to become middle school science instructors – and to teach evolution themselves – believe that God created the Earth 6,000 years ago, he said. Scientist friends tell him not to teach those students because anyone with those beliefs “shouldn’t teach.” But he tells them it is his job to make sure that his students understand evolution, not believe it.

Of course the problem with the title is that ID is not actually a fresh argument.


All things considered, that’s not a bad article… or maybe it’s just I’ve been conditioned to tolerate anything that isn’t offensively ignorant. But it’s a lot better than some other articles that have been coming out lately.

Does NCSE have an online compendium of the challenges to evolution that are mentioned in the article? (“About 40 states are dealing with some sort of challenge this year to the teaching of evolution at the state level, local level or both, said Glenn Branch, deputy director of the California-based National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit group that defends the teaching of evolution in public schools.”)

Shouldn’t ID be called Paleyism after William Paley?

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Shouldn’t ID be called Paleyism after William Paley?

Ian Musgrave uses that. I’m not sure who else.

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