Dover teachers want out


All but one of the high school’s science instructors want to opt out of reading a statement on intelligent design.

“We believe that reading the (‘intelligent design’) statement violates our responsibility as educators as set forth in the code,” Miller said. “Students are allowed to opt out from hearing the statement. We should be allowed to opt out from reading it.”

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Pete and Repeat go to…oh wait, this isn’t Fark.

Congrats to the Dover teachers for stepping up to the plate!!!

Now, to hit it out of the park, they should work on a 5 minute lesson plan which teaches the kids why “ID theory” and a century worth of creationism is anti-science crap of zero worth to biologists.

What could be unconstitutional about such a lesson plan?

Nothing. But I’d really like to hear the ID apologists scream that it’s anti-religious to trash their “non-religious” “theory”. Boy, would I like to hear that scream.

Congrats to the teachers!!! Professional responsibility to teach science trumps personal concessions to please people.

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