Repenomamus giganticus


I'm sure everyone has already heard about the discovery of a dinosaur-eating mammal from the Cretaceous. Here are some photos of the creature from the announcement in Nature.

I'm also sure that the scientifically-literate readers of the Panda's Thumb and Pharyngula won't be terribly surprised by this—the mammal-like reptiles are older than the dinosaurs, and mammals were contemporaries of the dinosaurs. The surprise is that what was discovered was a bandy-legged brute that was relatively large (about the size of your average dog) and was so danged uppity that it had been eating dinosaurs. That's a bit more temerity than had been expected from our long-lost relatives.

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Repenomamus giganticus I suggest the nickname Repo Mama

This is dangerous stuff. If there were dogs in those days, there must have been humans to take them for a walk. Stands to sense. No! I’ve got it! That’s why the fossil record is so patchy. Damn dogs ate all the bones. Arf arf.

Man dis gay man. Dinousaurs hurt wen they bite u man… Thank God day all dead man… peace out hoes

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