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The Koufax Awards are being voted upon now. The Panda’s Thumb is a nominee in the group blog category. Voting for group blogs is at this page. Please go vote for some group blog, right now. They have a convenient list of links to the nominees.


And don’t forget to vote for Pharyngula in its category, too!

Thanks for the heads-up, guys. Of course I voted for both PT and Ph. I truly appreciate the timely information posted by both blogs, and the (generally) informed comments, even by the occasional ID proponent. IMO this beats sifting through the TalkOrigins Usenet posts by a longshot.

Both votes done. Perhaps we need a phrase for this. The nutters over at Free Republic often ask people to “freep” a poll - that is, vote for the options most suited to their political persuasion (Republican). Perhaps we ought to ask people to “thumb” polls instead.

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