Penis evolution


Here's a brief teaser:

Amniote penises have had a complex history. They have evolved independently multiple times, and perhaps most troubling to the male ego, they have been secondarily lost at least a few times. And every time they have evolved, they converge on a remarkably similar morphological solution.

If you want to find out more, read the rest on Pharyngula.


I had a friend of mine that used to collect bacula and use them for swizzle sticks at parties. He wanted to get the baculum from a whale to use as a cane in his old age. I am sure he is dead now.

John A. Davison

Researching amniote penises seems like a wonderful application of your natural talents, Dr. Myers. Keep up the good work!

Fascinating stiff, but will any amount of hard evidence ever be enough to sway the forces of antievolution?


So are you saying that if I throw my lot in with you I will lose my penis?

Well, perhaps you’d be a wee bit more circum… (wait for it) …spect with your comments.

John, that is deliciously amusing. Your friend sounds like a hoot. I hope he got his cane before he passed.


Richard, may I call you Dick?

Go ahead, it doesn’t make any vas deferens to me!

Alright then, Dick. I didn’t want to erect any seminal barrier between us that would interfere with further intercourse. At first glans I thought it might be too presumptious.

Okay, I’m spent as far as this topic goes.

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