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We often complain about the awful state of science journalism. Turns out there's a panel discussion on the subject in Washington D.C. on Sunday, and the public is all invited. (On the panel, one of my favorite science writers, Reason's Ronald Bailey.)


Is Ronald Bailey the guy who claims Global Warming is a myth?

One of my favorite science journalists, Chris Mooney (, will be attending it too. And he’s not a Global Warming myther. :p

Chris Mooney says that John Marburger gave a forthright statement AGAINST ID!

Speaking at the annual conference of the National Association of Science Writers, Marburger fielded an audience question about “Intelligent Design” (ID), the latest supposedly scientific alternative to Charles Darwin’s theory of descent with modification. The White House’s chief scientist stated point blank, “Intelligent Design is not a scientific theory.” And that’s not all – as if to ram the point home, Marburger soon continued, “I don’t regard Intelligent Design as a scientific topic.”

Good for him!

Marburger has held that opinion for some time – he said as much last year on NPR (Diane Rehm? Fresh Air?)

How much influence does he actually have over science policy in the Bush administration? What are the chances Sen. Santorum would pay any attention to him?

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