Charles Darwin has a posse

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Chaz has a posse

Colin Purrington of Swarthmore has done it again, exploiting the media to spread a subversive message. This time, it's another pro-evolution theme: Darwin has a posse. And it's just in time for the Panda's Thumb birthday party! Download the pdfs and follow the instructions to create bookmarks, labels, temporary tattoos, etc., all bearing the logo to the left.

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Darwin Has A Posse from Something Similar on March 25, 2005 12:18 AM

You're damn right he does. Check out the bookmarks, too. via the Panda's Thumb... Read More


Very cool

163 pounds? When he was in his twenties maybe. But by the time he became well known he was, if I remember correctly, well over 200 pounds. If anyone has a copy of Apes, Angels, and Victorians it should say somewhere in there.

Duuuude! That’s subversive! Cos after all, you’re like such a small minority, it’s nice to know you can round a few people up to do over all those thousands of creationist trolls who would otherwise be repressing you.

Or did I mean repressive? Or was it intolerant? Sorry, I get muddled.

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