David’s Star cellular form


Check it out--proof of design! The David's Star appears in a cellular formation in the "Survivor Flower," (Ranunculus asiaticus). It's a miracle almost as impressive as John F. Kennedy's face in a hillside in Hawaii.


Camel Rock north of Santa Fe is pretty impressive, too. Don’t have a photo or a link, sorry.

You also must not have google, or you could have posted 2,000 links to photos of it.

They won’t interpret this as evidence. They won’t admit who they think the designer is, but it’s not That designer, if you know what I mean. IDiots will declare this a coincidence. Now if it looked like Jesus, or maybe Dale Earnhardt’s car, then we’d be talkin evidence.

Hey, I know design when I see it! And that is design.…I think.…or maybe not. I know, it’s a false positive!

Nah, GCT - it can’t be a false positive, they’re impossible. Dembski says so. It’s got to be a false negative.

Well, Call me irreducibly perplexed! I not sure if it’s a false positive or a false negative so can we at least agree on the false part?

It’s all in the cropping. Pull back a little and you don’t see a Mogan David at all, I bet, but just a bunch of rings. This doesn’t even rise to the level of a Rorsach test.


If I call you irreducibly perplexed, are we then going to have to decide whether that means you were designed? It’s all so comfusing. Maybe JAD can clear it up for us.

Bob, Since there was a particular issue “comfusing” you I guess that makes it specified perplexity.


considering your arguments are too cogent for me, I think I’ll Intelligently Resign.

Emanuele, Are you trying to be an Icon of Intelligent Resign?

No, Tim; I simply see the evidence, and it points to the irrefutable conclusion that all life is resigned…

I see this is the international “day of really poor puns”.…

Maybe the DI, or even AiG, will issue a press release’ “Intelliegent Design has led to the discovery that the Matrix is real. All hail our one true designer, the Architect.” Of course, it will be peer-reviewed and published in “Architectual Digest.”

Maybe a little too Doug Giles-ish a reference??

Damn you Dennis Miller (when you were funny)!!!!!!

Architectural Digest? They’ll have AiG on their faces …

I like the “cosmic happy face” on Mars (2nd link, last picture) myself.

Sorry to see “The Old Man in the Mountain” fell down. I guess it was reducibly designed after all.

The Star of David is a six-pointed figure. If one puts round objects of equal size together, one gets six-sided figures as a function of mathematical law; think of bee-designed honeycombs.

How is this structure unique in this particular ranunculus?

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