I’d like to point you to a new website, EvolNews.org!:

Welcome to EvolNews.org!

EvolNews.org is a site geared toward sharing new and interesting research in Evolutionary Biology with other researchers and with anyone interested. Face it, you’re a busy researcher- and you probably find all fields of Evolutionary Biology interesting, but you barely have time to keep current with the research in your own sub-discipline. Well, this web site is designed to give a brief summary of the latest breaking news in evolutionary research that occurs in peer-reviewed journals, and provide you with handy-dandy links to the articles. There is also the ability to start discussions by posting replies to the articles, but that is for the readership to decide. We are always open to suggestions to improve the website, including adding new topic areas and features, as it’s all fairly uncomplicated with the wonderful software PHP-Nuke. What this site will not support is teologlogical debates, creationism/evolution debates, etc.- although they can be presented as articles and comments if published elsewhere.

I daresay that it is a good thing that they avoid “teologlogical debates,” given the mess they made of the word “teleological”. Never fear, that is what Panda’s Thumb is for!


I like teologlogical.… good mix between theological and teleological. Me thinks we have a neologism in the making here…

That sounds really good. I will definitely be checking it out. It’ll be Panda’s Thumb without the stubborn dingbats.

Panda’s Thumb should have a place immune from creationist trolling, but apparently doesn’t even like to support a place for off-topic conversations.

This is great news…sure beats me scurrying about, looking over all of the journals I’ve linked to on my university library home page.

I also thought that having the “E” as a Phylogenetic Tree was a nice touch, too.

In their journal list they don’t include MBE, JME, or Genetics. Major mistake, in my humble opinion, considering these journals publish papers at the forefront of evolutionary research and have higher impact factors than most of the journals listed.

It also appears that the creators of the website are botanists and/or herpetologists.


1.) We’ve corrected our spelling. Most sincere apologies.

2.) We’re adding new journals all the time, this was just a starting list! Send your comments in, and we will continue to add them. You can post a story from ANY JOUNRAL.

3.) I am a botanist by original training, but my current incarnation is evolutionary genomics. Soooooo, we are increasing our base of “moderators” to post stories and review stories for lots of topic areas. We’ve added 5 new this weekend, and Systematic Biology (terrible oversight) will be added today. SUBMIT STORIES about the articles you read! It’s a great chance to test how well you can cover the salient points of an article with clarity and succinctness.

Didn’t mean the botanist thing as an insult. I was just pointing out some of the pubs I read religiously (bad word choice?).

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