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A nice write-up on Project Steve appeared today in HERO, also known as Higher Education & Research Opportunities. The piece, “Steve-olution,” consists of an interview with NCSE’s always-erudite assistant director Glenn Branch. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Project Steve, check out previous Panda’s Thumb posts and the NCSE Project Steve website.

The Steve-o-meter currently sits at 553, in case you were wondering. The Steve-o-meter on the much-vaunted Discovery Institute list of scientists (well, some of them aren’t scientists, but who is counting?) kinda-sorta-vaguely doubting certain parts of “neo-darwinism” reads, at last count, four. Even if you have heard of Project Steve, you might not have heard the Steve Song yet. Sort of like the Monty Python spam song, but slightly different.

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