The Tangled Bank is going to be one less than half my age

The Tangled Bank

Hey, gang, Wednesday is my birthday! I'm sure many of you have already made your reservations and are planning to show up at my house with armfuls of gifts and bottles of champagne for an evening of wild partying, but if you can't make it, no worries: there's another way you can celebrate. Write something, anything about science or the natural world and post it to your weblog, and then send a link to it to grrlscientist, me, or Then, on 9 March, after all the champagne has been drunk and the revelers have toddled home or passed out on the floor, I'll be able to pull up the laptop, aim my browser at Living the Scientific Life, and spend some pleasant time seeing what smart people say about science on The Tangled Bank.

C'mon. As a favor to an old man getting older.


Happy Birthday!

Then, on 9 March, after all the champagne has been drunk

I wouldn’t have guessed you were old enough to legally consume adult beverages…

Happy Birthday! May you find the peace of God and the joy of His love on your birthday. May you come to know the depth of His wisdom and the wonder of His ways.

Happy Birthday PZ! No, really. This isn’t some insincere cheap shot by someone who doesn’t really mean it. Thanks for all you do in the defense of quality science education.

Sincere congratulations. Your birthday is a great joy to those of us who aren’t older than Ernst Mayr was at his death… it gives us hope.

I’d rather party and drink champagne. Will there be cake?

Of course. Cake. Various appetizers.

party games

and music

Let’s see if the links work this time…

party games


Happy Birthday PZ!


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