Hobbit not a pinhead, says Science


A new report in Science has come out firmly in favour of the Homo floresiensis not being a “pathological microcephalic”. Read more [URL =http://evolvethought.blogspot.com/2[…]pinhead.html]here[/URL].


” Those who have been following this particular story will know that Prof. Jacob … is a pathological microcephalic.”

Sounds about right to me.

Tsk tsk. We in the west are hardly the ones to tweak someone about nationalism…

“a pathological microcephalic” I now have a new favorite insult!

well, not that it’s on topic or anything, but my new favorite euphemism for IDers came from an Open Democracy forum poster from the UK, who calls them:

God bothering tub thumpers.

man, i love that.


This actually was published online in advance of the print edition last month and was discussed by Carl Zimmer on March 3.

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Ah, so it was. Thanks, Mike.

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