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This thread is for John A. Davison to hold forth, and those permitted to post on PT who wish to interact with him may do so here. Already banned persons should go elsewhere.


We have removed the last of John A. Davison’s comment privileges for hyperbolic, offensive rhetoric.

Davison Wrote:

This post is destined for oblivion in the Welsberry gas chamber as just another example of his Nazi tactics. in comment 23402


More, more I say, don’t stop. Keep it up. I love it. What better demonstration could there possibly be that I have reached both camps in this idiotic war of two stupid ideologies, Darwimpian atheist pseudo-materialism and Fundamentalist Bible Banging Baptist Bigotry. You are all full of it right up to the gunwales. Both ships are awash and going down by the stern. Oh how I love it all. I always knew there was purpose in my prescribed predestined life and now it has finally come to fruition. Thank you all for verifying that which I long suspected. This all was meant to be and I am the special messenger to implement it. God but it is a beautiful thing to observe isn’t it? Don’t stop you mindless automatons. It’s too late now anyway. Your fate was sealed millions of years ago when the Big Front Loader (BFL) wrote you into the program. Enjoy your last days. You are doomed.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for the Darwimpians and the religious fanatics alike.

“Then there are the fanatical atheists whose intolerance is the same as that of the religious fanatics, and it springs from the same source… They are creatures that can’t hear the music of the spheres.” Albert Einstein

Thank you Albert. God but I am having fun with you clowns.

How do like them two minute soft-boiled eggs? Pretty runny aren’t they?

Keep them there wagons in a circle. Geronimo!

John A. Davison

Oh, excellent idea!

John, we’ve given you your own forum on this site that you are so hostile to. You could be gracious and see this promotion from the bathroom wall as a courtesy being extended to you, as an alternative to banning. Have any other sites that you’ve haunted tolerated you to this extent?

Professor Davison

I am genuinely interested in your theory. I have tried to read your manifesto but being a layman with only a three year undergraduate course in biochemistry back in the late sixties, I’m afraid I lost the plot. You may not see eye to eye with Richard Dawkins but you might agree that he writes lucidly for a lay audience. Perhaps you could try the same for semi-meiosis.

Here is JAD in a nutshell:

in post 31019:

“I am an evolutionist through and through.”

in his very next post:

“Of course I am a creationist. Why isn’t everyone is the question I ask.”

case closed.


But if you are a theist evolutionist, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, are they?

Of course they aren’t Alan. Good for you. Bad for Fungus foot.

John, has no one ever told you that calling a bunch of scientists ‘Darwimps’ makes you sound, well, STUPID?

literal creationism and evolutionary theory ARE mutually exclusive.

this is why ID was invented. well, that, and because teaching literal creationism has already been ruled illegal in court, so they needed to mask the religious aspect.

that’s not saying that a belief in god and evolutionary theory can’t work together for some people. A theistic evolutionist is typically described as someone who believes that god had a hand in “getting the ball rolling” so to speak, but then left evolution to itself.

that is not a creationist. A creationist rejects the fossil record and common descent, and rejects natural selection as a mechanism of change.

moreover, if JAD wants to redefine himself as an evolutionary theologist, then he would have to accept evoltionary theory, which he does not (he has his own theory).

now watch, after this is said, JAD will probably try to redefine what creationism is, just like he tries to redefine what evolution is.

Arden Chatfield

Oh yes many times.

What ever happened to my earlier post where I thanked you folks for your generosity? It seems to bhve been lost in the shuffle somehow. I was deadly serious by the way.

John A. Davison

Arden Chatfield

Oh yes many times.

What ever happened to my earlier post where I thanked you folks for your generosity? It seems to have been lost in the shuffle somehow. I was deadly serious by the way.

John A. Davison


In your conclusion you state “The semi-meiotic hypothesis is eminently testable in suitable material.” Could you expand on this point?

Sir T

The Prof talks of the BFL and evolution having happened. He could be a theistic evolutionist, at least in his own terms.


have fun trying to sort out what JAD is.


Message to David Scott Springer aka “DaveScot” aka “Sad Covet” aka “jordan” and etc.:

Your use of this computer system is unauthorized. You do not have consent to use this system.

There exists a computer security system in place to restrict your access to this system.

This is not a “game of hide and seek”. Any further attempts to access this system by you will be treated as a violation of Section 1. Title 7, Chapter 33, Section 33.02 of the Texas Penal Code.

This includes usage of alternate ISPs to evade the security system.


(yanks chain)

Come on, John. Bark for me.

jaimito The examples you cite are varieties not new species. Also I am not supposed to post here anymore. You see I have been isolated into my own little cell like I was over at EvC before they finally banned me for life . You will have to communicate with me there I’m afraid. The Bathroom Wall is now reserved for the real intellectuals. I am afraid I have been excluded from this most elite fraternity of head nodding, lock stepping, pseudo materialistic, chance worshipping, mutation happy, natural selection intoxicated bunch of atheist groupthinkers known far and wide as neoDarwinians, a dying breed for which Panda’s Disarticulated grasping member is the last retreat. Come visit with me in my new home or don’t. I really don’t care that much.

How do you like them perennial onions?

John A. Davison

P.S. This post was originally presented in the latrine.

I see you clowns are now deleting my comments. So what was the point in giving me this little cell I ask? I can’t even post here.

I don’t bark for Darwimps or anyone else. I spout undeniable truths with metronomic regularity to blind and deaf audiences such as those that haunt Panda’s Dislocated Thumb, the last refuge for Darwimpianism, the most idiotic and experimentally failed fabrication in human history.

I see DaveScot must be back. Welcome to the snake pit Dave. I thought you might be dead.

“Science commits suicide when she adopt a creed.” Thomas Hnery Huxley

Like hell she does Hank baby. Roll over, lift the lid and take a peek.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

How do you like them sauteed portabellas?

John A. Davison

I want to know what happened to my lengthy litany of gratitude to you all for not banning me and for erecting this special cell for my intellectual confinement. It is EvC’s “boot camp” all over again. I love it. I was sincerely grateful but no one can appreciate that because some guy somewhere didn’t permit that post to appear. That sucks if you ask me. I can’t even thank you folks. Well I am doing it now again and I am being serious for a change. Of course I can’t guarantee I will remain that way for very long. I’m very unstable you know. Thanks again. Enjoy my sobriety while you may.

How do you like them jawbreakers?

It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

John A. Davison

“Enjoy my sobriety while you may.”

A drunken monkey? isn’t that a kung-fu style?

Fungus foot

There is no theory of evolution yet. A past evolution is undeniable. What we have are two major thoroughly tested and failed hypotheses, Lamarckism and Darwinism. Neither has a leg to stand on. In 1984 I proposed the semi-meiotic hypothesis which to this day has not been even acknowledged in the professional literature let alone tested in the laboratory. I was unable to find suitable material to test it myself and I am now not in a position to do so having been evicted from my laboratory in 2000 at which time I resigned from the University of Vermont. That is a matter of history and there is no need to discuss it further.

I have continued to publish papers in 2000, 2003, 2004 and one in press to appear this summer, all in Rivista di Biologia. As a derivative of the semi-meiotic hypothesis I have formalized a new hypothesis for organic evolution under the self explanatory title of A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis available for perusal at a numnber of internet sites, ARN, “brainstorms,” EvC and elsewhere.

Now that I have been interred here in my own private little cell I will be happy to answer any questions about my hypotheses provided only that the questions come from someone who can demonstrate that they are familiar with my position. I recommend as background the 50 page summary “An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis for Organic Change,” available at my home page and in the archives of “brainstorms,” the forum of ISCID and elsewhere. If, having comprehended that material, anyone has any questions I will be happy to respond to them. If that is asking too much just don’t bother.

I can assure you that while I am a creationist of sorts (isn’t everyone?), I am very definitely an evolutionist and a bench scientist and I remain convinced that all of evolution has resulted from natural causes which can be, have been and are being disclosed through controlled laboratory science as well as the final arbiter, the fossil record. I have discussed those findings in my most recent paper in the two sections “The indirect evidence” and “The direct evidence.” Earlier indirect evidence was presented in my 2000 paper “Ontogeny, Phylogeny and the Origin of Biological Information” available at my home page and elsewhere. You can find my papers and the reactions they have produced by simply entering the words ‘davison’ and ‘evolution’ in the Google search engine.

And so to bed.

” “An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis for Organic Change,” available at my home page and in the archives of “brainstorms,” the forum of ISCID and elsewhere. “

don’t forget to mention it being listed on crank.net as well.


Fungus foot.

You are a credit to the spirit of scientific inquiry. Take another bow. And just where may the rest of us find your publications? That is other than Crank Dot Com? In the meantime keep them wagons in a circle folks. There is strength in numbers don’t you know.

John A. Davison


I promise you I tried to read your manifesto. Sorry if I’m oversimplifying but do I undestand you to say: There were several separate starting points to life on Earth and that all genetic information necessary for the development of all species known today was “preloaded”, natural selection does not have an effect on speciation, and that evolution by survival of the fittest does not occur but may have done in the past. (The inference here is that there must be an on/off switch somewhere), and that semi-meiosis better explains what is observed? Could you briefly explain semi-meiosis and how it fits with the evidence.

“In 1984 I proposed the semi-meiotic hypothesis which to this day has not been even acknowledged in the professional literature let alone tested in the laboratory.”

John, your hypothesis wasn’t tested because it’s untestable. An untestable hypothesis is worthless to science.

There’s no conspiracy to bury genius, John. Worthwhile ideas in science are examined and tested. Surely there’s a masters student in a bible college in Tennessee looking for a good thesis subject. Maybe one of Dr. Dembski’s new students is looking for an idea.

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My oh my. See how little activity there is here now that I have disappeared from this trench. The same thing happened over at your sister forum EvC after they finally banned me for life. I predict that the activity will pick up at Davison’s Soap Box as it declines here. This post originated at the Bathroom Wall.

The Catholic Encyclopedia:

“Certain patients develop ever-increasing fixed delusions with clear consciousness and without any weakening of the intellect. The individual stages of this disorder may usually be distinguished. At first, these patients believe themselves to be under observation, to be pursued by enemies. Everything that is done has a deliberate reference to themselves; people slander them, spy upon them, or watch them. Hallucinations of hearing develop (e. g. mocking, abusive voices). The circle of their persecutors gradually enlarges; it is no longer a definite person (an enemy, a rival, a business competitor, etc.) who is the originator of this persecution and slander, but entire classes or bodies (Freemasons, Jesuits, political parties, the entire Civil Service, the members of the royal household, etc.). As their grandiose ideas develop, the patients believe themselves the victims of widespread intrigues and persecutions, because others are envious of them, or because of their importance. The concrete content of the delusions varies greatly in different cases, but remains fixed in the same individual. One believes himself to be an important inventor; another, a reformer; a a third, a legitimate successor to the throne; a fourth, the Messiah. In addition to the hallucinations of hearing, different bodily hallucinations develop. The patients feel themselves electrified, penetrated with the r�ntgen rays, etc. In the initial stages the patients are very often well able to hide their delusional ideas in case of necessity, and to pretend that they no longer believe in them (dissimulation). By reason of the obstinacy of the ideas of persecution, and especially because of their clearness of thought in other respects, these patients may become very dangerous, attacking those about them with violence, taking their revenge by killing, or by well-planned murders of their supposed persecutors.

In many cases the apparent sanity of these patients, and the fanaticism with which they promulgate their ideas, deceive an uncritical following, so that healthy but undiscriminating people share in their delusions (induced insanity). Many cases of so-called psychic epidemics, of perversely abstruse religious sects, belong to this category. In some cases the ideas of persecution are based on real or imaginary legal injustice suffered by the patient, who then believes that all advocates, judges, and administrative authorities are in league against him (Paranoia querulans, litigious paranoia). Traces of this are seen in the cases of obstinate litigants, who spend large amounts of money on lawyers to recover absurdly insignificant sums. When their complaints are dismissed everywhere, they commit a crime merely in order to come before a jury and thus enabled to renew their old suit.”

Don Grimm

Just what the hell does your lengthy quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia have to do with organic evolution, presumably the subject matter of concern to the denizens of Panda’s Dislocated Thumb, emphasis on the word presumably?

If you would rather not say and prefer just to hit and run I will understand. That, in my experience, is standard practice here as elsewhere on all internet forums dominated by monolithic groupthink mentalities. I’ll wait for your response for about ten minutes.

How do you like them black olives?

John A. Davison, inmate.

In all honesty, Mr. Davison, I think Grimm’s post has hit the nail on the head as regards your contributions to the scientific worlds…

“You are a credit to the spirit of scientific inquiry. Take another bow. And just where may the rest of us find your publications? “


In Pacific Science (I used to research ontogenetic color change in fish), tho my last publication in the peer reviewed literature was in 1993. Mostly i work with non-prof ngo’s now.

[banana]What’s far more interesting to me, is that you had some decent publications before 1984; what happened to you to turn you into the screaming monkey you are now?

you keep dancing around that, but I have never actually seen you answer the question.

Malex Erz

When your initial letters have been transposed it means you no longer exist. Got that? Write it down.

John A. Davison

Unsympathetic reader

You don’t seem to understand. We are dealing with matters of principle here. Is there or is there not any place for dissent in this forum. I have already established that there is no room for dissent at “brainstorms,” FringeSciences and EvC. It is really very simple. As I just said, the ball is in Esley Welsberry’s court. This forum is on trial just as the others were. Got that? Write that down.

I don’t care for your tone either.

John A. Davison

The grad students in my lab don’t think I exist, either. But that’s because I have an NIH grant due June 1. (You’re the comic relief, John.)

The grad students in my lab don’t think I exist, either. But that’s because I have an NIH grant due June 1. (You’re the comic relief, John.)

By the way, for #31896: “40 points for comparing those who argue against your ideas to Nazis, stormtroopers, or brownshirts.”

However: I offer -35 for getting thrown off of Dembski’s site. Running total: +12.

#31896, contains no reference to Nazis, stormtroopers or brownshirts which makes Malex Erz a self demonstrated liar. No surprises there. I also got thrown off his fearless leader’s blog. I guess that is a good thing here at the good old Panda’s Pathetic Pollex and Groupthink Extraordinaire.

It is not my ideas that people argue against. That has yet to be seen in hard copy anywhere. It is the undeniable facts that they cannot see that prevents them from saying anything sensible about evolution. The Darwimpians live in a fog and I am the fog horn warning them of their impending doom. Unfortunately for them, they are all stone deaf to Einstein’s music of the spheres. At this point it pleases me immensely as I have had a bellyful of the whole current evolutionary scenario. I think you are all losers on both sides of this idiotic pissing contest. Keep it up. I thrive on adversity and always have.

How do you like them candied carrots?

Ask not for whom the fog horn blows. It blows for Darwimpian evolution, the biggest hoax in human history.

John A. Davison

To Nazis specifically, no. But to totalitarians generally, well, to use a choice word: absolutely. Anyway you only took a +5 hit there out of a possible 40. I haven’t even begun to award the biggies, yet.

The Darwimpians live in a fog and I am the fog horn warning them of their impending doom.

Which doom would that be? Mister Sta-Pufft?

John Davison writes: “You don’t seem to understand. We are dealing with matters of principle here.”

I do understand. Perfectly. It’s not about ‘tolerance of dissent’ but how much slack should be given to persistently disruptive individuals. Not principles, not communication, not the ability to promote one’s ideas, not dissent per se, because others with reasonable behavior have overcome such problems.

This is your soapbox, John. How productively have you used it so far? From my viewpoint, I would say it hasn’t been good.

I’ll leave you alone with your thread from now on. It’s all yours.

It seems that the technical staff can’t keep PT operating tonight. I have been unable to post. Here is a second attempt.

You want totalitarian. Try Ernst (dyed-in-the-wool) Mayr, Stephen Jay (intelligence was an evolutionary accident) Gould and Richard (blind watchmaker) Dawkins on for size.

You want more totalitarian? Consider some of the tactics employed right here like isolation, disemvowelization, arbitrary deletion, transfer of comments to the latreen and most recently transferring to a thread scheduled to disappear in a few days. Now that’s totalitarian, arbitrary, hide bound, intolerant bigotry pure and simple. Don’t talk to me about totalitarian or about my behavior. Consider your own behavior. Mine pales by comparison.

John A. Davison

yes, yes, cry us a river, little monkey.

shall i get Wayne Francis to repeat some of your more choice posts from the past? you know, the ones where you threaten people physically and generaly claim a rather dictatorial stance yourself?

or shall i render your comments where you compare all of us to satan (you know, the one that got you wiped off the bathroom wall)?

or any of the literally dozens of comments where you insult or berate all of us to an extreme degree?

or perhaps you would prefer a complete list of all the attempts at discussing your PEt Hypothesis that you say nobody here has done? Hell, I myself made a futile attempt to discuss your “theories” with you when i first came here. If you can’t accept criticism on your ideas, and you provide no positive evidence in support of your ideas, and then accuse all of us of not even attempting to discuss them with you, I think even you should be able to see that isn’t quite rational.

really, John. You are only amusing as a prime example of someone who has gone round the bend. It almost makes me frustrated that your family has not seen fit to get you professional help. It’s obvious that you can’t seem to recognize how far gone you are yourself.

maybe it’s all that drinking you refer to, or maybe it’s a more deep seated psychological problem (your constant accusations that we are all out to get you suggests a mild form of schizophenia). Whatever the issue, you are in dire shape there, old man.

Your thread will not disappear. just bookmark it on your browser.

if perchance, your thread closes after a time (it should stay open for quite a while)… i have already mentioned that you could open a free forum for yourself over at google.com. it’s really not hard.

Joe Tam

You are my greatest ally. By continuing to demonstrate to the universe that you are convinced I am daft you are proving beyond doubt that it is you that are lacking some of your buttons, actually several of them.

As for being out to get me, you clowns haven’t a chance. You see my schlock is already published or will be and that is all that matters in case you didn’t know that and I don’t think you did. You, Joe Tam in particular, act if I was just another unfulfilled, feckless, foolish, fumbling fearless Fosdick like yourself, unpublished, uneducated, unaware and unconcious. I really appreciate having you as my unpaid agent. You are an invauable asset.

I have already indicated what will happen if I am denied posting priveleges at PPP (Panda’s Pathetic Pollex) and I have no interest in opening my own forum. I get my rocks off invading and devastating other peoples blogs don’t you know. It has become a way of life for me, a second career if you will. I love it so.

How do you like them hundred year old eggs?

John A. Davison, B.S. 1950, Ph.D. 1955, SMBFL 2005

Sorry Burt but you don’t speak for everybody here because nobody here speaks for me here except myself. I thought everybody knew that by now

This post was sent from the Dawkins thread. I’m sure it won’t appear there. Groupthinks operate that way don’t you know.

“All for one and one for all, Here we go for that big fall.” John A. Davison

John A. Davison

If you want real science you can’t beat that old tried and true combination - Mayr plus Dawkins, Harvard plus Oxford, that’s a winner for sure. Unfortunately neither one of them has or ever had a clue about evolution, a phenomenon of the past.

This posted on the Dawkins thread.

Where all them there posts I been pollutin’ all them there other threads with? Am I being deleted again? That won’t do don’t you know. Cough up them jewels ya’ll hear.

“I have already indicated what will happen if I am denied posting priveleges at PPP (Panda’s Pathetic Pollex)”

other than vague threats, actually you haven’t.

could you be more specific as to what you will do when everyone forgets about you again?

Ordinarily I read as little of Dawkins as possible but this time the article was short enough so I could manage it without incident. I can only conclude that the man belongs in a home with rubber walls. That anyone could possibly take him seriously cannot be so. Even Lewontin has expressed as much.

This post originated on the Dawkins thread.

John A. Davison, B.S., 1950, Ph.D. 1955, SMBFL, 2005

Joe Tam

Why I’ll throw a petit mal siezure of course and dedicate the rest of my utterly wasted life demonstrating to the world that Panda’s Pathetic Pollex is no better than EvC, FringeSciences and “brainstorms,” just another blog dominated by a bunch of Darwimpian illiterate ideologues incapable of hearing Einstein’s music of the spheres. That’s what I will do. So there. How does that grab you? Incidentally, you promised not to come back here again didn’t you.

How do you like them cream filled chocolate eclairs?

Incidentally, I have been holding forth over at ARN before a much more tolerant audience.There I can post on any thread I choose and my posts stay right there too.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

John A. Davison

John, you would seem to be your own worst enemy. Is the demeanor you display here the same demeanor you have displayed throughout your career? If so, your apparent spurning by the scientific community is understandable; if not, what happened that turned you into the person we see here?

You’ve been given a gratis podium from which to present your hypotheses and the scientific support/evidence for them, but you’ve used that podium instead to throw combative vitriol at anyone who questions your claims. You’re squandering a freely gifted resource for the sake of momentary sensory pleasure over your various insults and denigrations.

When did you propose your hypotheses, and when did you lose your lab privileges. There seems to be a substantial gap between the two occurances, during which you evidently did no further research to add to the body of evidence supporting your hypotheses. Why? Did you, like Behe, claim that it was up to others to disprove you, rather that up to you to validate your claims? Or is the answer worse?

You’re a real piece of work, John - and I can only hope it’s all just shtick, ‘cause the alternative has some seriously bad downsides. Do take care.


Mob Baurus

Just what has my demeanor got to do with the eternal search for the truth? I’ll answer that question with a resounding NOTHING. If you have read any of my published papers you would know that they are presented in civil, even formal fashion. There is not a word of vitriol in anything I have ever put in hard copy. My behavior on this blog, as it has been on others where I have been treated with similar contempt, is simply a reaction to the knee jerk fashion in which my offerings have been received. Never have the substance of those offerings even been mentioned. Forums like this one and EvC have acted as judge and jury without even considering any other interpretation than the one they have been brought up with. The simple undeniable truth is that Darwinism is a myth and I have offered a reasonable rational and testable alternative which remains in perfect accord with everything we really know about an event which has never been observed and probably is not even occurring any more.

Since when am I obligated to explain my laboratory experience to you or anyone else? Who the hell do you think you are? You sound like a latter day Spanish High Inquisitor interrogating a heretic from on high. I did my level best under circumstances that were far from ideal I can assure you. I finally got fed up with being treated like garbage by an administration completely victimized by the atheist Darwinian paradigm. That treatment was recognized by the Provost who is now President of Montana State University. We resigned from the University of Vermont on exactly the same day and for exactly the same reasons on December 1, 2000. Go interrogate some one else. You bore me to tears.

I don’t have to disprove Darwinism. The Darwinians have already done that thousands of times. The cowards just aren’t decent enough to admit it. It’s too late for them now anyway which pleases me enormously.

How do you like them rare pork loin roasts?

John A. Davison


If you must insult me please do it on a thread from which I can respond. I find your tactics cowardly. There is no need for me to offer a definition of semi-meiosis. That is what journals are for and that is where you will find it. My papers are a touch of your mouse away.

This post originated in the one holer out on the back forty.

I see the Soap Box has reached the bottom of the list of threads. It seems crunch time has come upon us. What is your pleasure folks? The ball is in your court and always has been.

John A. Davison, B.S., Ph.D., SMBFL

DohnA Javison - Hm-m, sounds suspiciously like JennA Jamison. You haven’t made any films, have you?

You see what I mean?


Why don’t you follow your wife’s advice and find something else to do with your precious infantile life.

From the outhouse.

OK Professor

I have read your manifesto. I coudn’t glean from that a coherent definition of semi-meiosis. Maybe the failing is mine, but, there you are. Do you want to offer a definition that I could follow, or indicate the relevant passage(s) in your work? I’m still curious.

PS I think you are well in front on the insulting stakes.

Hey folks what happens to my posts now that they have no place to go?

John A. Davison

The piece by Mustafa Akyol is a beautiful dissection of the Darwimpian myth.

John A. Davison

I am more coherent now than at any other time in my life. Unfortunately, Esley Welsberry has made it impossible for me to ever demonstrate my coherency at his pathetic little blog again. He is a living example of the lengths to which a failed hypothesis must be frantically sustained in its death throes so obviouly demonstrated here as at EvC and every other blog dedicated to Darwimpian mysticism, the most failed hypothesis in all of human history.

This comment originated only to be deleted in the Bathroom wall.

John A. Davison

Neither allelic mutation nor selection ever had anything to do with organic evolution which was predetermined executed and now finished. This post is destined for oblivion in the Welsberry gas chamber as just another example of his Nazi tactics.

John A. Davison

Neither allelic mutation nor selection ever had anything to do with organic evolution which was predetermined executed and now finished.

So evolution occurred in some fashion and has now ceased. There must be a mechanism that turned it off, presumably. Any coherent suggestions?

Semi-meiosis. Any coherent definition you could supply?

Linking W Elseberry with “Nazi tactics” goes beyond infantile insult.

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