Discovery of ‘irony’ brain areas


BBC News is reporting that scientists have discovered the irony centers of the brain. The only reason this study is surprising is that PT posters and readers were not the primary research subjects. Most of us had our irony neurons burned out long ago (I bet you would see some nice dark spots on brain scans, right next to our hypertrophied pun centers). This is why we have to compensate with irony meters, which, sadly, have been taking quite a beating lately.

In case you were wondering, this BBC graphic should answer all your questions about neurological irony detection:

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Someone has already spoofed the image

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Nick don’t work too hard!

It would be just wonderful to attach all those prominent IDists to the soon-to-be-invented irony meter.

Is this why we wear wrinkled shirts? :-)

It is often said that creationists don’t understand irony. Does this research show it is because part of their brain missing?

I’m guessing frontal lobe.

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