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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting today that efforts are now under way in Cobb County, GA to remove the evolution disclaimers placed on science textbooks.

The county is still appealing, and if they manage to eventually win, we may see the disclaimers placed back on textbooks.


The Atlanta Journal requires registering befor you can view the linked content, so I haven’t looked at it. What I understood is that the county appeals to leave the stickers on the books because it seems to be almost impossible to remove them, not to keep putting new stickers on.

I hope the judge rules that a new disclaimer-disclaimer sticker shall be put next to the original one. I’ll leave it to the really creative types here to come up with a nice text for it :)

Thanks, E-P!

The stickers don’t seem to put up a big fight after all, at least according to the AJC report. But seeing Austin Ashworth struggling with that chisel on that second picture made me want to run to the first-aid box :P

The Fark headline for this news:

“WARNING: SCIENCE WITHIN” stickers removed from Cobb County, Georgia high school text books

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