Kansas Citizens for Science

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The Kansas Citizens for Science website has many useful documents relating to evolution, intelligent design and the ongoing struggle in Kansas.

For a better understanding of the underlying logical error of ID critics, read Remarks of John H. Calvert, Esq. to the Kansas Science Writing Committee on October 28, 2004, regarding the Constitutionality of Standards that promote the philosophy of Naturalism.

This conflation of methodological and philosphical naturalism is discussed in some depth in Keith Miller’s slides. Calvert’s website is full of ‘goodies’ showing the scirentific vacuity of ID and the theological nature.

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Are you following the Kansas state Board of Education hearings on Intelligent Design? Well I didn't think so. I bet you're not following the proceedings of the Flat Earth Society either. CNN notes Scientists Snub Kansas Evolution Hearings. The... Read More

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It’s self-aggrandizing, but I’d like to point out this file as a basic introduction to the IDC position and the arguments against it.


As always, talkdesign.org and talkorigins.org are highly recommended for those interested to pursue the matter further.


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