Yet another gigantic Tangled Bank!

The Tangled Bank

Wow, but this thing has growed and growed…eventually the science bloggers are going to crowd the political bloggers out of the blogosphere, and then we shall be philosopher-kings ruling a blogtopia with our bloggy blogitude…and first thing we're going to do is outlaw that hideous word, "blog".

But I digress. Go read Tangled Bank #29 - The Natural History Museum.


Rats! I just missed it. Please review this to see if it is worthy of submission to the next Tangled Bank. My entry is a proposal of how to “teach the controversy” without compromising quality science education. Don’t worry, the ID folks won’t like it.

You could always uncontract the word back to “web-log”, “web-logging” etc if you really didn’t like it.

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