Quote of the Day - 21 July 2005


This one sort of fits how I feel, too:

Frank: The Jesuits taught me how to think. I haven’t felt safe since. –Homicide: Life on the Street


Oh man - you quoted my beloved Homicide - I’ll be a fan for life…thekeez

I was baptized Catholics but kidnapped by Jesuits at an early age…

Me too. Got that free will picture the first time. Was 13, split immediatly.

Jeff Keezel wrote:

Oh man - you quoted my beloved Homicide - I’ll be a fan for life…thekeez

Envy me. I’m a resident of Baltimore City. Two episodes of Homicide were filmed within walking distance of my house. I recognized many of the story lines from our local news (including the beheaded gypsy fortuneteller!). I knew their Police Headquarters building before it was their Police Headquarters building. Many of their bit-part characters were real authentic Bawlmer types, though their Baltimore geography was always slightly askew.

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