Quote of the Day - 14 July 2005

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Another old, but still relevant, quote…

And thus, a true Theory is a Fact; a Fact is a familiar Theory. That which is a Fact under one aspect, is a Theory under another. The most recondite Theories when firmly established are Facts: the simplest Facts involve something of the nature of Theory. –William Whewell Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences (2nd ed, 1847)

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this is all well and good so long as the theory is true. when the theory is not true, then it is not a fact. there are theories that are false. for a theory to be a fact it must not only be firmly established, but also true. there have been firmly established theories that now appear to have been false.

i think the best point Whewell makes is the last: that the simplest facts involve something of the nature of theory…

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