His Noodly Appendage gets a PR Firm


PT recently reported that the Discovery Institute has hired the PR firm behind the 2004 “Swiftboat Veterans for ‘Truth’” ad campaign. Based on the following comparison of graphics, it looks like the Noodlers, the devotees of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who are campaigning to get His Noodly Appendage into the Kansas Science Standards, have followed suit.

Old graphic:

New graphic:

Remind you of anything?

You can get this on T-shirts and everything. I am sure that “Swiftboat Veterans for His Noodly Appendage” is just a matter of time…


P.S. The New, Improved Flying Spaghetti Monster was posted on August 1, and the full-size version is available here: http://www.venganza.org/touched.htm

No doubt Touched by His Noodly Appendage is part of the famous fresco on the ceiling of the Cystine Chapel.

I kinda like the old “classic” graphic, especially with the handy labels to explain what everything is.

I prefer the classic drawings too. When I first saw it, I finally understood how this all came to be. I think Bush is his way of testing us. All hail FSM!

Oh my! The Fundies will comdemn that new graphic as pornographic.

Warning! The “old graphic” in the original post has been hacked and replaced! It is NOT supposed to be a picture of someone’s rear marred by a very large scar. I’m not sure if it is PT or vengaza.org that was hacked.

Vengaza may not have been hack. It may have replaced the image for its own reason. I’ve broken the uri for the image until Nick can come up with a solution.

I got it working correctly with a local copy of the original image.

Atheist anti-noodlists may claim that the number of pirates has not necessarily decreased since 1820.

The concentration of pirates within the population may have declined. However, piracy is still a very common problem, especially in the South China Sea.

Since there are many more people in the world now, it is possible that there are more pirates.

However, Flying Spaghetti Monster believers would probably argue that the exact number of pirates at any given time is not known with certainty. Thus, an increase in natural disaster is evidence for a decrease in pirates!

Thank you for the second belly-laugh of my Monday.

I love the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Satire is such a great response to the whole ID/Creationism issue. I made a stab at my own satire in a song I call “God Made the World (in less than Seven Days).”

If you would like to hear it, it’s on the Washington Post mp3 hosting site at


I hope you enjoy it.


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