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Panda’s Thumb? Read about the Presidential finger

As an englishman I dont think many of my compatriots realise just how serious YEC is in Britain. We have all these Vardy schools, supported by the Christian Institute of Neewcastle, found by two Anglican clergy, who in the early 70s had never heard of YEC.

YEC is growing in the churches and about 10% of Anglican clergy are YEC, more are sympathetic to ID. Much student Christian work is pro-YEC, when it was not 30 years ago and none YECs are not wanted now.

I found a concerning incident in Notes and Records of the Royal Society today, in a book review of Aileen Fyfe’s Science and Salvation a superb study of early 19th cenutry evangleical science publishing which was devoid of YEC. The reviewer criticised the book because it made no mention of Scriptural Geologists, whom the reviewer argued were competent scientifically. He was alluding to a “Ph D” he supervised by Terry Mortenson, now the AIG history of science guru. I have a copy of his Ph D on loan and it is abominable, both in its historiography and its assessment of these “Scriptural Geologists”, who held to a six day creation and were incompetent by the standards of the 1830s.The reviewer was prof of History of science at the Open Univ.

Evolution dispute now set to split Catholic hierarchy

By Michael McCarthy Published: 05 August 2005

Recent comments by a cardinal close to the Pope that random evolution was incompatible with belief in “God the creator” are fiercely assailed in today’s edition of The Tablet, Britain’s Catholic weekly, by the Vatican astronomer.

In an article with explosive implications for the Church, Father George Coyne, an American Jesuit priest who is a distinguished astronomy professor, attacks head-on the views of Cardinal Christoph Sh�nborn, the Archbishop of Vienna and a long-standing associate of Joseph Ratzinger, the German cardinal who was elected as Pope Benedict XVI in April. …

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